Peyton Manning Literally Throwing Ducks Is The Least Funny Hilarious Thing You’ll See Today

In case you missed it, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman criticized Denver Broncos quarterback (and 4-time MVP, 4-time NFL passing touchdown leader and Super Bowl XLI champion/MVP) Peyton Manning’s throwing arm, saying he throws “ducks.” Wobbly passes.

Peyton responded to that criticism in the best way possible: by agreeing with it. He does throw ducks. He throws ducks for yards and touchdowns.

BECAUSE THE INTERNET, here’s video of Peyton Manning literally throwing ducks. Bad, hastily pasted-onto-footage cartoon ducks.

This is so wonderfully unfunny that it’s hilarious to me. I think the duck noises are what make it. You know somewhere AFLAC has thrown their Super Bowl commercial in the garbage and started desperately trying to recreate this in CGI.

Good luck, AFLAC.