Phil Mickelson Landed A Tee Shot On A Hotel Balcony At The British Open

Due to weather delays, the final round of the British Open is being played on Monday. Phil Mickelson, several shots back of the lead, was out there earlier than anybody in the U.S. could reasonably be expected to wake up for. He had an excellent first 16 holes, enough to get him close to the top before any of the leaders took the course. Then the 17th hole happened.

At St. Andrews, the famous course playing host to the Open this year, 17 is called the “Road Hole” due to its proximity to, you guessed it, a road. But there’s also a hotel very close to the fairway, and that’s the obstacle Phil couldn’t quite manage to avoid. This is where his tee shot wound up settling:

That’s not an ideal lie. Phil finished the hole with a double bogey, and finished his Open Championship with a score of 7-under, well off the lead.

(Via Valerie Vine Star and Ben Volin)