This Incredible Pick Six Features A Bunch Of Laterals And A Ridiculous Big Man Touchdown

10.29.16 1 year ago

Northwest Missouri State was playing with house money at the end of the first half of their game against Pittsburg State on Saturday. The Bearcats were on defense and trying to take a 35-3 lead into the locker room…well, assuming that nothing weird happened.

However, something impossibly weird happened, as Pittsburg State threw an interception and Northwest Missouri State had a wild, lateral-filled return that ended with a defensive lineman scoring a touchdown. The ball got picked at the 10-yard line by Northwest Missouri State safety Kevin Berg, who had a long return that got stopped after 60 yards or so.

Berg, in a moment of incredible awareness, lateraled the ball to a teammate as he was getting dragged down. That teammate, safety Edward Richey, went four yards before getting hit and noticing that he had a teammate wide open a few yards to his left. So he threw the ball over said teammate, who then saw defensive end Harold Brantley looping around with a bunch of space out in front.

Brantely got the ball flipped to him, took off down the sideline, and made it to the end zone for the most improbable pick six of all-time. Sometimes on plays that are completely absurd, the more you watch, the more it makes sense. This is very much not one of those plays.

(Via SB Nation)

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