Ping Pong Playing Baby Has Taken The First Step Toward Dating Brooklyn Decker

This video (Ebaums-World’d for use on the Tosh.0 Blog) confirms what I’ve long feared: a stationary baby could beat me at ping pong.

“Jamie playing multiball” is the title, and the only context provided is, “Couldn’t keep Jamie away from the table!” so I don’t know how the baby learned to play or how he got on the table by himself or what the hell “multiball” is, so I hope you can enjoy it on its own merits. Worst case scenario, this kid turns out to be Soviet and we’ve got an awesome antagonist for 20-years-from-now’s Cold War table tennis showdowns.

Bonus: This is sorta the “Fitter Happier” of babies playing ping pong videos. After a couple of views I’ve become obsessed with what’s going on in the background. Who will win, yellow or black? What are they laughing about? I feel like if I watch it long enough I’ll see Abed delivering a baby back there somewhere.