Playful Mascot Fight Becomes Dangerous Nerds In Costumes Fight

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12.13.12 11 Comments

From time to time, sports mascots will “fight.” It’s usually in the form of the Phillie Phanatic taking big, Curly-from-The-Three-Stooges wind-ups and knocking out a Mr. Met lookalike or whoever, and it’s all in good fun. When one of the mascots shows up to the comedy fight trying to dropkick the other, it becomes a for-real living Muppet shootfight.

Yet that’s precisely what rabid prep basketball fans in Kentucky received on Tuesday night, when Louisville’s crosstown rivalry between Louisville (Kent.) Male High and Louisville (Kent.) DuPont Manual High devolved into a massive brouhaha between the two teams’ mascots. (via Prep Rally)

As you can see from the video after the jump (forgive the vertical video syndrome and the guy getting so into the fight that he just films the armpits of the people around him), the ram mascot figures out the combination to the bulldog’s throwdown vault, and the two pretty much hockey fight. You can only hurt the other guy so much when you’re haymakering a big foam head, but they’re really going at it.

Check it out:

Here’s a full transcript of the video:


Advice for that ram mascot? Don’t go full Kofi Kingston. You never go full Kofi Kingston.

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