Please Forget All The Nice Stuff We Said About Megan Welter, The Iraq Vet Cheerleader

08.02.13 5 years ago 26 Comments

Megan Welter mugshot

Well, THAT was quick.

Two days ago we shared with you the story of Megan Welter, the Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who spent a 16-month tour in Iraq. It was a celebratory story about a woman who went above and beyond to simultaneously defend and entertain her country. Today, seriously two days later, here’s Megan Welter’s mugshot. She’s been arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend. The entire thing’s on video. Welp. and 3TV broke the story this morning. Apparently the incident took place on July 20, a week before she was “discovered” and lauded nationally for being an awesome person. Man, it’s like the golden voiced homeless guy all over again.

Here’s the video report, featuring the clip of her beating up her boyfriend while yelling WHO IS SHE and demanding his phone.

According to Megan, her boyfriend is a fighter who tried to shoot tap her out to a triangle choke and threw her around in the bathroom. While that might’ve happened, the video of him going “JEEZ MEGAN STOP C’MAWN” while she threatens and attacks him is pretty damning.

Welter reportedly told officers her boyfriend attacked her first, pushing her and even choking her. According to the police report, however, there were no marks on her — no bumps or bruises, no signs that she had been hit or strangled as she claimed.

When Welter called 911, she told the operator that her boyfriend was a “professional fighter” and had “smashed [her] head into tile” and had put her in what she described as a “choke hold with his legs.”

I think the lesson we can all learn from this is, “never think a person is good, and if you do, don’t tell the Internet about it because their reputation will be dead in a week.”

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