Please Watch Keith Olbermann Rip Pete Prisco's Awful NFL Concussion Column To Shreds

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08.31.13 73 Comments

Not news: Pete Prisco wrote something dumb. The CBS Sports football columnist, who cooks up the hottest of HOT TAKES, is a favorite ’round UPROXX headquarters, for his inane ramblings make us feel better about our MEDIUM TAKES. Once we crawl out of our basements, that is. Anyway, Prisco recently wrote a column about the NFL’s $765 million concussion settlement that will fund medical exams for over 4,500 former players. He’s against it.

News: last night on his eponymous ESPN2 show, Keith Olbermann picked apart Prisco’s words, and destroyed him.

Keith Olberman: 1. Pete Prisco: -419, which is also how many pounds he can bench press.

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