The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Fixing The Big 12, And What Would You Have For Your Last Meal?

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Football is almost here. I mean it. I was at ACC Media Days last week, and the second coaches talk about how their team is stronger, and they’re really coming together, and this is the year they finally get it, well, the season is right around the corner. So I figured it was time to finally talk about football a little bit.

We brought in Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated to do just that. Okay, just kidding, we talked about football for about five minutes and food for a half hour. But it was fun anyway.

Among our many topics, we discussed:

  • What Andy learned from Steve Spurrier
  • How he got from writing food columns (and editing the sports section) in the student newspaper to SI
  • Biscuits, like, a lot of biscuit talk
  • Travel horror stories
  • How to fix the Big 12
  • Best culinary college towns
  • And much, much more

As always, comments and tweets are welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman), and Andy is at (@andy_staples). Sports are great and so are friends, but sports are always better with friends.

Special thanks to the band Annabel for our intro and outro music. They’re really good. You should buy their music at their website or perhaps see them play a show some time.

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