Rajon Rondo In ‘Whacha Doin?’

02.16.11 7 years ago

Guys, what’s up? Whatcha talking about? Can I , can I just pop in here for a second? I want to know what’s so cool that you told Juwan Howard to come over? Are you telling jokes? I love jokes!

Ooh, is that a yo-yo? Doc never lets us play with yo-yos! LeBron! Stop pushing me! That hurts! I’ll tell on you!

Are you talking about how Shaq must take poops the size of a two year-old? That’s not very nice. You’re mean. Leave him out of this.

Are you talking about how the expectations for your team are roughly around winning seven rings in six seasons and that it doesn’t help that you’re losing to us by nine points right now? I don’t know who you are, guy in suit, but I don’t appreciate the glares.

What should you do, LeBron? Let me in your conversation. I’m just wondering, bro. You let Big Z in the conversation, and that g-ddamn dumb son of a bitch can’t even understand English.

Oh. Ray! RAY! They were talking about Chris Bosh’s husband going to Chicago for a week without telling him! Yeah, I know! I think that’s really inconsiderate, too! How’s Chris going to take care of the kids by herself WHILE falling all over playing basketball? See, LeBron? We can get along if you just let me hang out with you.

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