Breaking Ankles, Dashing Dreams: Remembering Randolph Childress’ Immortal 1995 ACC Tournament Performance

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There have been countless memorable moments in the ACC tournament throughout the years, but one that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is the run Randolph Childress had in 1995 to bring Wake Forest an ACC title. Somehow it has been 20 years since that crazy weekend, and heading into this year’s ACC tournament the Demon Deacons find themselves as the 11-seed playing against Virginia Tech on Tuesday.

Childress, now an assistant with Wake Forest, put up 107 points in just three games, breaking the tournament record of 106 points set by North Carolina’s Len Rosenbluth in 1957. He had 40 points in the quarterfinals, 30 points in the semis and 37 in the finals.

“He was so good it was stupid,” ESPN play-by-play analyst Mike Patrick told UPROXX Sports. “It was three of the great days of my life just to be there calling it.”

Patrick was on the broadcast of the championship game for ESPN, and he believes that Childress’ tournament performance will never be matched.

“Childress was doing it on such a stage and just doing it so effortlessly,” Patrick said. “To do it three days in a row was just staggering.”

(If you want to watch the full championship game against UNC, and you probably should if you can spare a couple hours, it’s on YouTube here.)

The Wake Forest senior was named the tournament MVP, and he gave Wake the game-winner in overtime. He scored all nine of the Demon Deacons points in the extra period.

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