A Ravens Fan Has Been Given A 30 Percent Chance Of Survival After Being Assaulted By Raiders Fans

10.03.16 1 year ago

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Here’s one of those stories that makes you question why you like sports, attend sporting events and leave the house — a Baltimore Ravens fan is in critical condition after he was assaulted by two Oakland Raiders fans near the conclusion of Sunday’s Raiders-Ravens game in Baltimore.

Police are unsure what prompted the incident, but the victim’s family said the hospital gave him a 30 percent chance at surviving after suffering a subdural hematoma as a result of striking his head on concrete. The alleged attackers — Scott Smith, 28, of Mt. Vernon, N.Y., and Andrew Nappi, 31, of Eastchester, N.Y. — were each charged with first- and second-degree assault, charges that will increase if the victim, 55-year-old Joseph Bauer does not survive.

Susan Bauer identified the injured man as her brother, Joseph Bauer, 55. She said he was attending the game with his wife and another couple when he got into a verbal argument with a group of Raiders fans near a concession stand toward the end of the game.

Susan Bauer said her brother’s head hit the concrete after he was struck, knocking him unconscious and causing a serious head injury. She said he was in critical condition with a subdural hematoma, which causes blood to pool on the brain. Bauer said doctors had told the family he had a 30 percent chance of survival.

“My brother is in critical condition on life support over a football game,” said Susan Bauer, who also lives in Jessup. “We’re in shock over this.”

Bauer said her brother is a former Marine who works for Schuster Concrete. She said the family was told two suspects were being detained, but police didn’t identify them. Bauer criticized police for not sharing more information about the case, and also was upset no one from the Ravens organization had reached out to the family.

Sports are a great distraction for many. For some, they are something that make you so mad that you attack a 55-year-old man that’s at a football game with his family.

(The Baltimore Sun)

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