The Reading Phillies Crazy Obstacle Course Home Run Derby Actually Happened

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.25.12 3 Comments

Back in January, we shared with you a video introducing Minor League Baseball’s best (and possibly worst) idea ever: a Baseballtown All-Star Home Run Derby organized by the Reading Phillies to include a points-based obstacle course in the outfield, a party for fans in the infield dirt while the home run derby was happening and a jazz musician squatting and playing rockin’ acoustic guitar in front of home plate. I think we all assumed that between January and July, someone would go, “hey, let’s just do a normal home run derby and not kill anybody with baseballs”.

Thankfully, nobody said that. The Baseballtown Derby happened IN REAL LIFE earlier this month, and it’s almost as glorious as you imagined.

Highlights include pop-flies into the dinner party, a man with a baseball head and a monster’s body catching balls in the outfield and a guy on an ostrich getting pissed because he missed a line drive. Oh, and at one point a home run hits a dunk tank in the outfield and dunks a spectator. Who do we have to put in charge to get the MLB derby to look ANYTHING like this?

[via Reading Phillies on Facebook]

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