The Youth America’s Cup Is All About Building Sailing’s New Heroes

07.10.17 10 months ago

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BERMUDA – If it’s a vehicle on the water, Josh Martin can not only find a way to make it go, but he’s also going to try and move as fast as humanly possible in it. He used to be a regular entrant in the jet ski race around the island, until the race was put on hold after a fatal accident. A Bermuda native, Martin jokes that he’s the face of water sports in Bermuda, quite literally, as he was once on a billboard.

Martin’s had his share of close calls, even being involved in an accident on a trip from Florida back to Bermuda early in 2017. Their 35-foot catamaran hit 160 mile per hour winds as two storms came together. The ship survived two and a half days before toppling end over end into the sea. There were no injuries, and a Tokyo ship carrying cars had to pick them up.

For as much as Martin has seen and all the boats he’s been on – including the one ferrying media members to and from the Royal Naval Dockyard where he’s the first mate – the America’s Cup operates on another level.

“When you see that you’re like what the f*ck,” Martin says. “You’re blown away. Boats aren’t supposed to do that.”

If someone from Bermuda who has basically spent his whole life on boats can still be taken aback by the grandeur, excess, and pure speed of the America’s Cup, just imagine how someone who’s never been sailing at all feels.


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