One Dismissive Tweet About Kirk Cousins Cost This Redskins Fan Dearly

Buffalo Bills v Washington Redskins
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The Redskins have claimed sole possession of first place in the tire fire NFC East, and a lot of it has been due to the surprisingly not terrible play of Kirk “YOU LIKE THAT” Cousins. Well, that particular fact has burned one particular fan.

Via the Washington Post:

A quick glance at Mr. Williams’ Twitter account shows a man willing to admit he was wrong and explaining why.

As for his punishment, besides paying for the Kirk Cousins jersey, he will have to tweet that he was #WrongAboutKirk every day for a full year. Honestly, that’s kind of silly, especially because this time next year will be a completely new season, and the Redskins could very well be in the toilet again and Kirk could regress. He should really only have to tweet his hashtag for the entire offseason. Or…we could give him a few more interesting ideas:

-Take Vines of himself in his Kirk jersey screaming “YOU LIKE THAT” at random people in public.
-Dressing up as Captain Kirk from Star Trek at his next sports game and have him heckle things like “SET PHASERS TO MEDIOCRE” and “INT ME UP, SCOTTY.”
-Kiss his cousins.
-He only has to tweet #wrongaboutkirk once a week, but they have to be Haikus.
-He has to travel to a Native American reservation and scream REDSKINS PRIDE to the chief’s face.
-He has to buy a Dirk Nowitzki jersey and call himself Dirk Cousins.
-He has to eat alphabet soup once every two weeks and spell Kirk Cousins out in the bowl and Instagram it.
-He has to bedazzle his favorite shirt with sequins that spell out “Kirk Completes Me.”
-He has to legally change his name to Kirk Second Cousins.
-He has to sculpt Kirk’s face out of mashed potatoes and then travel to Wyoming to meet the aliens.
-He has to kiss Dan Snyder on the mouth.