Reggie Bush Retired So Let’s Watch Some Of His Most Spectacular Football Moments

12.16.17 1 year ago

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Reggie Bush officially retired from professional football on Saturday. The running back, last with the Buffalo Bills in 2016, will forever have the unique distinction of having his final NFL season end with negative yards on the season: 12 carries for -3 yards.

But Bush’s career will be defined not by his end with the Bills. Instead, everyone will remember him for his brilliance at USC and early on in NFL his career with the Saints and Dolphins. Though Bush never had the pro career many hoped he would have, he was still a serviceable back with 5,490 yards and 36 touchdowns rushing and 3,598 yards and 18 touchdowns receiving in his 11-year career.

The NCAA says that time with the Trojans never happened, unfortunately, but we have YouTube and can confirm that Bush did, in fact, rule when he played college football. So let’s take a look back at when Reggie Bush was incredible at football, starting with a quick look at his high school highlights.

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