Reminder: ‘With Leather’ Free $300 Fantasy Baseball Happens Tomorrow

Pro Wrestling Editor
07.28.11 2 Comments

Pic unrelated. But hey!

Our (hopefully) monthly, one-night fantasy baseball game through picks up tomorrow for all Friday games, so if you’re in and haven’t chosen your team, please do so now.

If you haven’t gotten that far yet, now’s the time to sign up. You choose a team of players for one night of Major League Baseball, and the team that performs the best (namely “the 70 or so people finishing ahead of With Leather’s editor”) cash money. Not Internet money, not Facebook likes, U.S. currency (or Francs, or rupies, I don’t know) you can use to spend on anything from additional games at DraftStreet to your rent to ill-fitting orange bathing suits. We’ve paying out the top six teams from a $300 cash pool this time, and ask the people in the comments: real readers have won money. We aren’t asking you to sign up for our newsletter in exchange for squat.

Sign up through this link if you’ve been too gun shy to click anything so far and join our league. The game happens tomorrow, remember, so get cracking. Pick Buster Posey! I heard he’s good!

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