03.09.10 9 years ago 17 Comments

Earlier today, Deadspin cited an online report, saying that noted FOX sports broadcaster and alleged douchebag Joe Buck was separating from his wife. The source? Joe’s mom, Carol.

“They’re taking a break,” said Joe’s mom, Carol Buck. Buck, the son of the late legendary sportscaster Jack Buck, helms “Joe Buck Live” on HBO and continues his chores on FOX. –Berger’s Beat, via Deadspin.

Way to be optimistic, Mom. You make it sound like he’s just running out for lunch. “He’s just running out to grab a quick lunch and a 15-year-old from Singapore.” I guess that a woman that lived with two baseball announcers would develop a knack for understatement. Are you taking on other clients, Mrs. Buck? There’s a certain quarterback in Pittsburgh that you use your expertise at the moment.

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