Here’s What RGIII Had To Say About The ‘I’m The Best Quarterback’ Firestorm

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made headlines seemingly everywhere this week with his comments about how he perceives himself amongst other quarterbacks in the NFL. During television media availability, Griffin said a quote that caused a firestorm across the Internet, social media and various media personalities.

“I feel like I’m the best quarterback in the league, and I have to go out and show that. Any athlete at any level, if they concede to someone else, they’re not a top competitor, they’re not trying to be the best that they can be. There’s guys in this league that have done way more than me. But I still view myself as the best because that’s what I work toward every single day.”

Thanks to the frenzy that the quote caused, the Redskins had reportedly banned Griffin from media interviews — allowing him to do only the league-mandated game day interviews. But, after practice on Thursday, Griffin stood in front of reporters, which was apparently RGIII’s own idea.

“I know what I meant, I think everyone in this circle knows what I meant, and it’s unfortunate that my name keeps getting used for headlines for people to click on stories.”

Here’s the full video of his response, via WUSA9:

[Via: Kristen Berset/WUSA 9]