Rich Eisen And The NFL Network Crew Couldn’t Stop Laughing At ‘Beavers’ And ‘Bush’ During The Draft

04.30.16 3 years ago

The NFL Draft is a long slog, especially for those required to stick around for its entirety. That includes the media on hand to report on the multi-day event, and it appears the marathon its taking a toll on the NFL Network’s possibly overtired coverage team.

Rich Eisen and his team had a lot of trouble keeping it together after Mike Mayock declared that he was “very much a Beavers guy” during the fourth round on Saturday. Some silent hilarity ensued after the double entendre, but it was then compounded by the fact that the Chicago Bears selected Deon Bush at the podium moments later.

The combination of “Beavers” and “Bush” proved to be just too much for the crew to handle, as Eisen tried to power through the laughter before ultimately deciding to abandon all hope of moving on and throwing to commercial instead.

As someone who sits at his computer and replies “nice” to every tweet containing any reference to the number 69, I’m certainly in no position to criticize these guys for losing their marble over some dirty words. The NFL Draft is pretty boring, so you might as well take the laughter where you can get it. Go Beavers.

(Via Deadspin)

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