F**king Fight Rounds, How Do They Work?

Sometime last year I made a joke about people who follow Arianny Celeste on Twitter, and how she couldn’t possibly have anything interesting to say. I was rightfully called out for it. Just because her job is to hold a piece of cardboard and walk 10 feet (like a homeless person, or that guy in a gorilla costume who stands on the side of the road outside of a Party City) doesn’t mean she’s not a person, capable of the same reason and insights as a prize-winning physicist, or whatever. I’ve tried to avoid jumping to similar, ignorant conclusions.

That said, this ring girl is dumber than a bag of f**king dog food. See that big ROUND 2 sign she’s holding? Yeah, to show that to the crowd she had to walk past a knocked out guy sprawled out on the floor with a bunch of people attending to him.

Here’s the recap, from the hilariously expository YouTube description:

An unattentive round card girl walks by an unconscious fighter being tended to by doctors with a sign indicating the start of round two….except, it’s not the start of round two. The fighter is unconscious because he got knocked out and the fight is over. The victorious fighter tells her of her erroneous ways.

Video is below. It’s worth it for her “lol like I’m supposed to know how this work” shrug when she finds out what’s up.

She’s cute, if you like that Liz Vicious aesthetic, and I like her side tattoo of a … what is that, a baby fawn? She’s also taught me an important lesson: being a ring girl doesn’t mean you’re dumb, but being BAD at being a ring girl? Hold on to your butts.

Who am I kidding? She’s probably already got 700,000 Twitter followers.

[h/t to Bob’s Blitz]