Rinku Singh Thinks It’s ‘Pretty Weird’ Seeing His Story Told In ‘Million Dollar Arm’

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Rinku Singh on MLB


Disney’s latest “inspirational” and “heartwarming” sports film, Million Dollar Arm, opens nationwide tomorrow, and millions of people who don’t already know the stories of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel are going to shell out their $12 at their local theaters for another movie along the lines of The Rookie and Invincible. Of course, for those who do know the stories of these two men – and I’ll refrain from spoilers unlike the Baseball Tonight crew, when they had Jon Hamm on set Sunday night and told the complete story anyway – they’re not exactly the most exciting and interesting to tell, so even Hamm admitted that there’s a certain touch of Hollywood in the finished product.

Still, now that Singh is making a comeback from surgery to pitch again in the minors, his story continues and who knows? Maybe he’ll still make it huge in the Majors. Until then, part of his comeback trail includes a pit stop or 12,000 for media interviews for Million Dollar Arm, and the former javelin thrower and cricket player still can’t believe that his life has turned out this way, and he thinks that we’ll all really enjoy the movie about him.

As curious as I am to see how they tell this story, knowing how it has played out so far and especially since it’s not really over, the biggest benefit that Million Dollar Arm has in its favor is that Draft Day was such a hilariously bad movie. At least Disney has a great track record of creating goosebumps out of otherwise minor stories.

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