Rob Gronkowski Rumbled Through The Cleveland Defense For A Huge Gain

Associate Editor

Rob Gronkowski has gotten off to a slow start to the 2016 season. Due to injuries and the Patriots’ quarterback situation, he’s only had one catch and three targets in two games. Instead of being a safety valve for Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett, he’s primary kept defenses honest and opened things up for the rest of New England’s offense.

But between Tom Brady being back and Gronkowski reportedly being healthy, a lot of people expected him to carve up the Cleveland Browns’ defense on Sunday. We got a glimpse of that during the Patriots’ opening drive, as Brady threw a short pass to Gronk, who turned upfield and made the grown men who play football for Cleveland look silly. By our count, he made four players miss and it took three guys to take him down just a yard short of the end zone. Gronkowski is good for a few of these every year, and each time he does this, it’s always one of the funniest plays of the afternoon.

Football is always more fun when Gronk is healthy and making an impact on games, and on this play, it looked like that was the case for the first time this year.

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