Rob Gronkowski Says He’s Only Read 80 Percent Of His Own Book

07.22.15 4 years ago
rob gronkowski in a suit


If you haven’t finished reading It’s Good to be Gronk, don’t worry because the co-author Rob Gronkowski hasn’t finished reading it, either, according to

“I only read like 80 percent of it,” he told Sirius XM on Monday.”

Despite not actually reading the full book, Gronk wants fans to know that there’s no falsehoods in the story. It’s 100 percent real. And he believes it’s only fair he keeps it real on whether he actually finished the book:

“He added: “I’m not gonna lie about it. That’s what the book is; it’s all truthful in there. It’s not no sugar coat or anything, so, to make my image look good or there ain’t no false images in there. So I ain’t gonna lie, I only read like 80 percent of it.”

In the end, no one really cares whether Gronk actually reads his own book. Honestly, most people might be surprised he read any of it at all. We’re not even sure Gronkowski has finished reading the other literature inspired by him.

Just give us more of this. Don’t worry about reading, Gronk.

(Via NFL)

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