Rocket League’s Basketball Update Is Dropping April 26th And It Looks Fantastic

When Rocket League emerged from the ether in 2015, it introduced perfected car soccer, something you never knew you needed. Then, around the holidays, Psyonix decided that Rocket League players deserved a snow day, and so gamers got perfected car hockey, for free. Now, on April 26th, Rocket League is getting Hoops mode, which is 2v2 car basketball. Whether this is as perfect as the previous updates on traditional sports remains to be seen, but in preparation for this update, late for March Madness and just in time for the NBA playoffs, RL received some major hitbox fixes and tweaks to ball physics. It seems like they were getting ready for this delicate transition to b-ball.

Over the months, Rocket League players have enjoyed a steady stream of free updates intermixed with paid content that’s been focused exclusively on cosmetics. This Hoops update will join the paid-DLC library with a NBA team flags download for $1.99, so you and your buddies can represent your favorite team in the Hoops arena. As per usual, Psyonix will give away more free stuff with everyone receiving an free NBA logo flag on April 26th,

It’s easy to feel safe in RL developer Psyonix’s hands – they are doing indie gaming right, and building an e-sport from the ground up. They haven’t let gamers down yet, so Hoops mode is sure to satisfy.

(Via Psyonix)