Ronda Rousey Blasts ‘Snappers McCreepy’ Ex-Boyfriend For Taking Secret Nudes Of Her

On Monday, we touched on the fact that UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has dated some below championship level boyfriends in her early days. There was the mentally abusive dude who liked to call her “a six” and the heroin addict who stole her car, and, according to this interview on Opie Radio, there was “Snappers McCreepy,” who secretly took a bunch of naked pictures of her.

According to Rousey, she was using his computer to promote her first championship fight (the Strikeforce title fight against Miesha Tate in March 2012) when she stumbled upon a directory filled to the brim with creepy nude shots of her. Transcribed by MMA Fighting:

“I was downloading something and then I just saw a bunch of ass! ‘What is that?’ It looked like it was amateurly taken. I had to look so I looked at it and it was all me.”

“You know when you’re just comfortable naked around somebody?” asked Rousey. “Like you’re just naked on the bed playing DragonVale on your phone? I brush my teeth naked. That was all, every single thing, all naked. I just thought he was on his phone texting people. He asked to take picture of me before and I was like, ‘No, of course not.’ He knew I didn’t [approve]. That’s why his name was Snappers McCreepy and if you read the book you can see how I reacted to said photos.”

So, Rousey nuked the whole hard drive, snapped Miesha Tate’s arm in half, and then signed up for the ESPN Body Issue, figuring, “If there’s naked pictures out there, I’m going to go take naked pictures myself, and I’m going to put it out there on my terms.”

As it stands, Snappers McCreepy hasn’t been identified, and he hasn’t released any of those secret butt photos. Which is good because A) putting revenge porn on the internet is a terrible thing to do and B) revenge porn is also illegal in California and C) Ronda Rousey could break both his arms and smash his face in before he even had the chance to scream “9-1-1!”

That’s if her mother doesn’t do it first.

[MMA Fighting]

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