Ronda Rousey Snuck Into Blizzcon In Full ‘World Of Warcraft’ Armor And No One Knew It Was Her

It’s coming up on a year since the last time we saw Ronda Rousey fight, but she’s still knee-deep in the blood of her enemies. Now, instead of bantamweight female humans, Ronda’s moved onto spilling blood of orcs in World of Warcraft. With her modeling gigs, movie work and, of course, her wall of shattered arms she keeps as trophies from her MMA days, you wouldn’t expect Rousey to be the type of person who loves WoW, but it’s quickly becoming her favorite way to pass the time with her UFC-fighter husband Travis Browne. It’s like the old saying goes — a couple that raids together, stays together.

Unfortunately, Rousey’s ultra-fame doesn’t allow her to nerd-out like a regular person, so when Blizzcon, Blizzard’s annual celebration of all things WoW, (and Overwatch, Starcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo III) went down in Anaheim, she decided to play a rogue for a day and stealth her way into the expo. Under some old-school Death Knight armor, no one was able to pick her or Browne out of the sea of undead, dwarves, and night elves. Big dorks, these two.

The main takeaway of our look at Ronda’s infiltration of Blizzcon was the fact that the former UFC champ once threw down $1300 on Warcraft cards to get an ultra-rare mount. She didn’t get it. But, at least she got to try out the latest WoW expansion, Battle for Azeroth, while cosplaying as one of the Lich King’s former minions. That definitely makes it better.

Maybe this should be her getup in WWE? Death Knight Ronda, managed by the Undertaker, calling forth the dark magicks of the Lich King to armbar her enemies. That’s something to get behind.