Cardale Jones Got Flirty With Ronda Rousey On Twitter, And She Finally Responded

Ronda Rousey and Cardale Jones
Fox Sports Live/Getty

Let’s applaud Cardale Jones for getting Ronda Rousey’s attention. That’s not easy these days.

On Wednesday night during the ESPYs, the Ohio State QB took his shot with the greatest female fighter in the world, sending flirty, obnoxious tweets her way.

And what do you know, Rousey thought the whole thing was sweet. She even showed off a softer side in this interview with Fox Sports Live.

“If you can look like a real man next to me, you’re a real man. It’s easy to look like king guy hot shot next to Tinkerbell. So, um, I think that’s actually very complimentary.”

Love is in the air, y’all!

Mark it down, everyone. Cardale will be in Rousey’s corner for the Correia fight in Brazil. I’m sure there’s an OSU booster more than willing to fly him down there, right?