Watch The Holm And Rousey Camps’ Shocking Reaction To The Knockout

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The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. At UFC 193, Holly Holm delivered the head kick heard ’round the world on Ronda Rousey, knocking her out in arguably the biggest upset in MMA history. And over the last week, we’ve seen a number of different angles from the fight, slow-motion replays, video from the stands and the gloriously stunned reaction from Joe Rogan.

On Thursday night, however, UFC delivered the money shot, a camera that was situated on both camps just as the knockout went down. It is beautiful, and it is visual art.

For those who don’t want to watch the whole thing, here’s a lovely side-by-side, courtesy of GFY.

That’s Holly’s father and her husband Jeff in the video. On Ronda’s side, that’s her mother with boyfriend Travis Browne sitting next to her. Both look completely shocked.

Fans also got a glimpse of just how much damage was done to Rousey during the fight as cameras zoomed in on her face. You can actually see the mark from Holm’s kick on her neck.

We need a rematch between these two and we need it now. Sure, Ronda Rousey will have to go back to the drawing board and figure out a better strategy, one that doesn’t involve her walking straight into vicious punches. But whatever, she’s still a judo champ. A slip-up from Holm and we could very well see that patented arm-bar submission.

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