What’s Next For Ronda Rousey And The New Champion Holly Holm?

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11.16.15 2 Comments

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The queen is dead. Long live the queen! Over the weekend, Holly Holm took down the seemingly invincible Ronda Rousey with a picture-perfect kick to the neck. Now a division that seemed locked in a Rousey stranglehold has been blown wide open. What’s next for the two women and the 135-pound division? Here are some of the possibilities.

An Immediate Rematch: This is the most likely scenario; UFC president Dana White has already said, “The rematch makes a lot of sense. The rematch is what people would want to see,” and Holly Holm has agreed. But immediacy in this case doesn’t mean next month. The fight will probably go down at UFC 200 on July 2 in Las Vegas.

That may seem like a long time away to keep Rousey and Holm on the shelf, but the UFC is famously adverse to risking its big fight opportunities just to keep fighters busy. Their new UFC heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum has been sitting on the sidelines since July 2015 and won’t fight again until March 2016 in order to preserve an immediate rematch against former champ Cain Velasquez as well. The UFC is nothing if not patient when it comes to guaranteed big-money fights.


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