Ronda Rousey Isn’t Having Any Of Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos’ Jibber Jabber

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02.14.13 22 Comments

First and foremost, there are some exciting rumors today regarding that whole MMA in New York thing that we talked about a few weeks ago and the possibility of a 20th anniversary UFC event at Madison Square Garden. But I’m a man of the present, not the future, so I’m ready to focus on a plethora of Michael McDonald jokes for this weekend’s UFC on Fuel event, live from London, and next week’s highly-anticipated UFC 157 PPV, featuring our favorite female fighter Ronda Rousey and her UFC debut as the Women’s Champion.

Rousey, of course, is fighting Liz Carmouche, who we admire a great deal as well, but that isn’t stopping Cris “Cyborg” Santos and her manager Tito Ortiz from trying to make the story about the Rousey fight that will probably never happen because Cyborg can’t cut enough weight. Because she’ll die or something dramatic like that.

“For her to get to down to 135 pounds is physically impossible for a woman,” Ortiz said. “For a man it’s different because we have a lot more water weight to take off. For Cris Cyborg to get down to that weight, she’s going to be 3 to 4 percent body fat.” (Via)

Since Cyborg can’t make weight, she and Ortiz have asked Dana White for her release from UFC. Guess how he responded to that.

“I’m telling you right now, she wants nothing to do with this fight with Ronda,” UFC president Dana White said at a news conference for UFC on Fuel TV 7. “This is the biggest show in the world. We’re working with her to get her a deal or whatever. When you send a letter from your lawyer and your doctor saying I will die if I try to make 135 (pounds), it’s just the goofiest thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the fight business.

“OK, so you don’t want to make 135, but you want to talk about fighting Ronda? First of all, you tested positive for steroids and got stripped of your title. And you’re trying to talk about how Ronda doesn’t want to fight you, but she’s the champion at 135. If Ronda goes and does the fight at 140, it’s not even for a title. The fight just makes no sense.” (Via the OC Register)

Not one to shy away from an a great quote opportunity, Rousey was also rather blunt.

“I think she’s just kind of making a lot of noise and trying to get attention because she’s kind of fading into being irrelevant,” Rousey said. “She hasn’t had a recorded win in I think two years or something like that, so she needs people going on TV and making a big fuss so people will even remember her name.”

You go girl! As one of Rousey’s biggest cheerleaders in the world, I’d like to submit this official statement about Cyborg’s excuses on behalf of myself and With Leather:

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