Is Ronda Rousey Lobbying For A ‘Captain Marvel’ Role With These Pics?

After Ronda Rousey revealed that she’d enjoy playing Captain Marvel for Marvel Comics in the near future, the Internet sprang into action and created some spot on fan art to celebrate the possible role for the MMA champ. And Rousey clearly noticed.

She collected some of her favorites and posted them to her Instagram account, giving credit where credit is due (when she knows where said credit should go). The top features one that couldn’t be identified (yet) and the other is from artist Alex Murillo (who has plenty of great art on his Instagram page)

These come from Bosslogic and Salman Al Mohammadi, featuring some nice throwback to the classic Ms. Marvel costume. You can check out the nice full versions below, but wouldn’t it be something if this landed her the role in the end? I like the idea of Emily Blunt still, especially since she’s an actress and all, but Rousey certainly looks good. I fully expect to see her likeness used in the comics at some point.

(Via Ronda Rousey / SB Nation)

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