Ronda Rousey Exalts In Her Imperfections For This New Reebok Ad

Ronda Rousey wanted to retire with an undefeated record. She made that goal known to anyone who would listen long before she was the global superstar with Hollywood credits to her name. Like most of Rousey’s declarations, it was brash. Few people are lucky (and great) enough to get out of MMA with an unscathed record (Rickson Gracie and kinda Jon Jones), but here she was, taking on all challengers and saying she would do just that. Holly Holm had a different idea.

The knockout that still reverberates around the UFC has sidelined Ronda Rousey for eight months — the longest time spent away from the cage for Rousey since she began her career. Of course, she deserves a break from the movies, the limelight, and the training, but we know that she didn’t deal with the devastating loss well, talking of suicide and walking away forever.

Maybe Ronda will fight again, maybe she won’t. But this Reebok ad certainly makes it seem like the former UFC women’s bantamweight champ, the only woman to defend the title, is gearing up for a return. Will she get her rematch against Holm? Will she immediately take on the new champ in Amanda Nunes? We don’t know. What we do know, is that Ronda seems to be coming to grips with her imperfections.