01.13.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

For no discernible reason other than “Why not?”, the dancers to model winter’s fashion trend of bright colors and leggings.  And the results are terrific.  Like most red-blooded American men, I get turned on by rainbows and tights.  Uh, I mean cheerleaders and high heels!  Yeah, the second one.  Go with that.

You’ll notice that besides the “rainbowner” in the headline pic, there’s also the “Hey, who left this pile of hot women on my zebra carpet?” photo that’s such a staple of fashion photo shoots.  Or should be if it isn’t. I wouldn’t know.  It’s not like I subscribe to Vogue and Elle.  That would be preposterous.  I mean, why would I need both?

[Via The Pro Cheerleader Blog; full photoshoot by Ellen Jaskol here]

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