An Ugly And NSFW Video Has Emerged Involving An Australian Rugby Player And A Dog

01.27.16 2 years ago

Well, you’ve certainly got to give rugby players credit…they know how to create an interesting scandal.

Mitchell Pearce, a 26-year-old Australian Rugby League player, has made news headlines thanks after becoming “that guy” during a recent night out with friends. You know “that guy,” right? The guy who gets way too wasted and ruins every party by doing something incredibly dumb and inappropriate? Chances are, if you don’t know “that guy,” you are “that guy.”

Well, Pearce took being “that guy” to a new level at a woman’s recent house party. In a video captured at the party, the Sydney Roosters’ halfback attempted to kiss a woman who identified herself as a lesbian. He went for it anyway, and she didn’t seem into it. Shocker.

Then it was revealed that he pissed on the homeowner’s couch — a real Poppie move.

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