Russell Wilson Ruined A Goal Line Opportunity To End The Half With A Horrid Interception

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For the vast majority of the first half on Monday evening, the Seattle Seahawks dominated against the Minnesota Vikings. Seattle, playing at home, produced 175 yards of total offense compared to just 61 for Minnesota and, for good measure, the Seahawks possessed the ball for nearly 18 minutes.

With that said, the Seahawks weren’t lighting up the scoreboard, with only a 3-0 lead as the waning seconds ticked away before halftime. Seattle did have a fantastic opportunity to extend its lead, though, as Russell Wilson led a drive that featured a 1st and goal from the one-yard line with 16 seconds remaining.

Seattle even had a timeout to work with, freeing up the playbook for optimal deployment. Then, Wilson did… a thing.

As you can see, Wilson uncorked a mesmerizingly bad interception and, with all things equal, Vikings linebacker Eric Kendricks probably should have returned the errant throw for a touchdown. He failed to gather the ball cleanly, allowing the Seahawks to escape without a massive swing on the scoreboard but, in the same breath, Wilson lit a sure scoring drive on fire with this inexplicable decision and it was out of character for a player that was operating at a far higher level than this play indicated.

All kinds of allusions to the infamous Malcolm Butler interception made the rounds after the play but, if nothing else, this was an awful moment for Wilson and it is conceivable that it could cost the Seahawks dearly in a battle for playoff positioning.