A Russian Athlete Put His Phone Number On His Helmet And All The Nude Pics Ensued

If you ask any John Q. Bro who the luckiest athlete at the 2014 Winter Olympics is, he’d probably tip his feathered fedora in the direction of Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev. The winter games are already over for Sobolev, as he finished 12th in the men’s slopestyle competition and will have to train another day for a shot at a medal, but the 22-year old just gets to sit back and have some fun during the rest of the otherwise horribly planned Sochi Olympics. How will he do that? By sorting through the hundreds of nude pics and random messages that his female fans have been texting him since he was brilliant enough to include his phone number on his helmet.

The boner-crushers at the International Olympic Committee made Sobolev cover up his phone number on Saturday morning, but even the IOC’s almighty hammer of censorship can’t stop the power of social media. This image and others of Sobolev’s helmet made the rounds over the weekend and the now-world-famous athlete can barely keep his phone from crashing.

“I’m definitely going to call them,” Sobolev said.

At one point Friday, Sobolev didn’t think he would be able to. The deluge of messages and phone calls overwhelmed him so much, his phone just stopped working. The battery didn’t die. The thing just gave up.

Eventually, it mustered the courage to restart, which gave Sobolev a chance to share its contents with a reporter. He turned the brightness of the screen to full blast and focused on one particular girl in what can only be described as the tightest dress in human history.

And where was she from?

“Russia,” he said. “Yesterday, some guys from USA and Canada sent (text messages). Some girls sent me photos. But Russian girls: The best!” (Via Yahoo! Sports)

Even if Sobolev ends up being shy about his new fans, he at least has quite the collection of groupie porn to keep himself busy, as he told USA Today’s Lindsay Jones that thanks to the horsesh*t condition of the hotels and facilities, he’s going to need every last boobie shot. And yes, that’s also a Pussy Riot-inspired board that he’s rocking.

Russian snowboarder Alexey Sobolev put his cell phone number on his helmet yesterday. Received about 2,000 texts. “I’ve got a collection of pictures,” he said. “It’s really boring in the Olympic Village, you know?”


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