This Russian Hockey Player Took Dabbing To Great New Heights

Sorry, Cam Newton. Your run as the sports world’s King of Dabbing has come to an end thanks to Evgeny Korotkov of Russia’s Kontinental Hockey League.

Korotkov is a 28-year-old forward for Salavat Yulaev. His team took on Dinamo Minsk and found themselves down 2-1 in the third period. He ended up finding the back of the net to tie things up, and once he was done with that nonsense, he decided that it was time to dab with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

He took off towards the opposite end of the ice, dove to the ground, slid several feet, and busted out a dab. It almost looked like he was playing dead, but instead, he was just having a good time while playing a sport. There was one bit of bad news: when Salavat Yulaev won the game via a shootout, he did not take the winning penalty shot. While this isn’t necessarily bad news in that his team won, it’s bad in that we didn’t get to see how he’d react to a game winner during a shootout. If he dabbed and slid across the ice for a game tying goal with seven-ish minutes left, his celebrating in that scenario would probably be a well-choreographed dance or something.

(Via SB Nation)