Jets Fans Should Beware Of The Deadly ‘Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle,’ Because It’s Coming For Them

01.05.16 3 years ago 3 Comments

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If you woke up Monday morning feeling empty inside with hints of uncomfortable rage, you might be a New York Jets fan. But this is more than the average feeling of cold emptiness you usually have. This is worse. You are used to seeing your team screw up and let you down, but this year? Really? You had the playoffs in the palm of your hand, and you lost to the very coach you fired last year for being bad. Stupid team.

But hey, there is reason to be optimistic, right? No one expected you to be competitive this year because lol Jets, but you were. You won 10 games! It can’t be all that bad. You got a couple of stellar wideouts! You have some of the best defensive players in the game, with the right defensive mind coaching the team! You found a QB in Ryan Fitzpatrick!

Well, maybe not.

You see, the Jets would not have reached this far without the play of Fitzmagic, and it’s easy to look at the Harvard grad and think hey, maybe we finally found somebody, and his name isn’t Geno. But beware, because that’s what Ryan Fitzpatrick does. If you have followed football for the past decade, then you are likely aware of what I call the Ryan Fitzpatrick Cycle.


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