Steelers LB Ryan Shazier Suffered A Scary Back Injury And Had To Be Carted Off Against Cincinnati

Associate Editor

One of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ starting linebackers had to be carted off due to a back injury on Monday Night Football. Ryan Shazier went to tackle Bengals receiver Josh Malone, but in a freak accident, the fourth-year player and former Pro Bowler went helmet-first and began pointing to his lower back while being tended to by the team’s medical staff.

Shazier went into tackle Malone and the top of his head was the first thing to make contact with the receiver’s body. It led to a scary scene, as Shazier was unable to move his legs after he turned onto his back. He also seemed to know right away that something was wrong, as he put his hand on his back and put his hands up to take his helmet off.

Here is a video of the incident, which is hard to watch.

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