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As you know, With Leather strongly supports female wrestling in all its forms whether it be in Jell-O, mud, baby oil, or what have you.  Thanks to a female reader who wishes to remain anonymous, we are now aware that Mr. Cool Ice from San Diego is challenging the best women wrestlers from around the globe via a Craig's List personal ad:

I am really into wrestling with my dates. I have tights and a singlet(standard wrestling outfit) and some masks- basically old Halloween maskes [sic]. I have my basement all made up to look just like a wrestling ring on tv. During intermission and breaks between rounds my dog will walk around with the round and score card taped to a sign on his back. I also have some sound bites from cheering crowds looped in the background.  Yeh, you can see I really take my sports seriously. I am challenging any ladies, just ladies!!, to come over and try to pin me. I just put in the new canvas flooring last month and since then, have not been beaten, except by one girl- didn't count.  SuzyL if you see this, don't respond, you sprained my shoulder and it still hurts. You cheated; you didn't really win and you broke the bell ringer when you hit it too hard! Stop calling me and driving by honking- yes I know that was you in a different car. 

Nothing I can write will expound on Mr. Cool Ice's demented excellence.  Have fun ladies! -KD

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