Here Are The Sane, Compassionate Things Nancy Grace Had To Say About The Ultimate Warrior’s Death

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.10.14 4 Comments

Ultimate Warrior dead Nancy Grace

If you aren’t familiar with the works of Nancy Grace, she’s a sensationalist, porn shouting, interview faking, dead baby hashtagging monster with The Rachel who salivates over tragedy and practically masturbates on live television whenever a pro wrestler dies.

The Ultimate Warrior passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, which meant Nancy was ready on Wednesday with a lot of confused, insulting faces and shocking allegations about wrestlers doing steroids. I bet you did not know the Ultimate Warrior did steroids! Here’s a piece of her interview with Diamond Dallas Page, a gracious guy who has been helping wrestlers recover and thrive for years now and desperately wants to be a good dude with perspective. It goes about as well as you think it would.

The highlight, as always, is the Dead Wrestlers List Nancy breaks out whenever tragedy happens. She heavily implies that it’s a list of guys who died young because of drug abuse, even though it’s got people like Owen Hart (who died from a stunt gone wrong) and Mark Curtis (who died from stomach cancer) on it. Sometimes she throws Andre the Giant and the Junkyard Dog on there too, because who cares about gigantism and car accidents when you’ve got SENSATIONS to feel!

I’m just sad the guest phone appearance from our own David D. didn’t make this preview clip. Just to throw it out there, hey Nancy Grace, I am also available for phone interviews. I will say things to you that make you make Outrage Face.

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