The Dallas Mavericks Are Still Being Weird About Christmas

12.20.12 7 years ago 6 Comments

Last week we featured a video of the Dallas Mavericks murmuring their way through ‘Sleigh Ride,’ and if you thought that’d be the end of their wacky Christmas updates, you are underestimating a 12-13 team with nothing better to do.

Today’s installment in what I hope is a Dallas Mavericks Christmas Trilogy is Dirk Gives Presents To His Mavs Teammates, a short film about “Santa Dirk” giving Angry Birds boxers, rotary phones, ‘Saved By The Bell’ sweatshirts and Viking helmets to his fellow Mavericks. It also features O.J. Mayo delivering the best line of dialogue I’ve heard in months:

“Yo, Dirk got me a Christmas gift, I wonder what it is.”

Nailed it.

Anyway, you’ll want to watch this clip. Shake Weights are involved.

That FRIENDS knick-nack is a pretty nice present. I hope you feel loved, Vince.

[h/t to Holdout Sports]

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