A Tennis Player Went Nuclear After A Horrendous Call From A Chair Ump

The diminutive Sara Errani lost her mind today following what can only be described as a putrid overrule from a chair ump. At issue was a serve well between the lines that was called out. The ensuing shot from Errani’s opponent, Yanina Wickmayer, sailed wide as well. Errani believed she deserved the point on principle. The chair ump disagreed. That’s when Errani did an impressive John McEnroe routine wildly gesticulating her arms and yelling in her lovely Italian accent. It was both adorable and awkward.

The job description for a chair ump must say “make sure to be a smug prick, even when you’re wrong.” We often chide college basketball refs and NFL officials for being so poor at their jobs, but I’m not sure anyone sucks as bad as chair umps. They’re the Ted Valentine of tennis.

(via @Mark David)