10.01.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

Ah, the friendly sports wager between mayors and governors before a sporting event: the easiest and lamest way to garner attention for an incumbent politician.  This edition of the story you’ve seen countless times before features the delicious artery-blocking goods of Milwaukee and Philadelphia:

In a bet with the governor of Pennsylvania, Gov. Jim Doyle Tuesday promised to send Miller Brewing products, Klement’s sausages and Secret Stadium Sauce if the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Milwaukee Brewers in the best-of-five-games playoff series.

And if the Brewers take the series, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said, he will send Doyle an assortment of Yuengling Brewery products and some traditional Philadelphia cheesesteaks.

Goddam I hate these bets.  Who the hell mails cheeseteaks?   Just once I wanna see a bet where the losing governor has to visit the opposing state’s legislature and let the winner kick him in the balls.

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