The Internet Is Having Fun With The Seattle Seahawks’ Collapse

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t very good right now. They don’t look anything like the team that went to the Super Bowl just eight months ago. Their two wins on the season came against arguably the two worst teams in football in the Lions and Bears. And to make things worse, the Lions victory came only because the game’s best receiver fumbled at the goal line, leading to a botched call in the end zone.

So yes, they’re not good.

The offense has been okay the last few weeks, certainly good enough by Seahawk standards. But the defense has been downright disappointing late in games, blowing a 17-point second half lead in Week 5 against the Bengals, and a nine-point fourth quarter lead against the Panthers.

Tough to tell what’s going on, exactly. Some of the issues appear to reside in the secondary where miscommunication played a huge role Sunday. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas botched an assignment that led to the game-winning TD from Greg Olsen with 32 seconds left.

Moments after the score, cameras cut away to the Seahawks sideline and cue Internet meme.

Yeah, it was only a matter of time before crying Jordan made an appearance. He’s everywhere, dammit.

The Seahawks have a date with the 49ers on Thursday. A loss there likely ends their season.