Auburn Fans Are Trolling Alabama At SEC Media Days In The Stupidest Way

It’s Nick Saban day in Hoover, Alabama for SEC Media Days, and that can only mean one thing: people dress up and stand in a hotel lobby hoping people will talk to them and take pictures of them. And nothing can stop us as a people from wanting to take pictures of people dressed up looking ridiculous, so let the cycle be unbroken. Time doesn’t exist and we are destined to live the same life over and over again, man.

So we get things like these Auburn fans who decided to buy Ohio State gear for the sheer purpose of making fun of Alabama.

Or The Ring Guy (@hawaiianboy205, if you’re looking to #followback), who did this last year, but just couldn’t help himself again this year.

Or even this guy dressed like Bear Bryant, who is so convincing he probably should abandon his post and move to Vegas to take pictures with tourists. Although what’s to say he can’t make a little bit of money in Alabama going around town making appearances as one of the best Bear Bryant impersonators out there.

This is what Media Days does to people. College football fans are weird and great, and when you get them in the spotlight for even one second, they go insane, whether it’s nine in the morning or at 2 a.m.

If you tried to explain to someone who doesn’t care about sports at all that folks would line a hotel lobby to get a glimpse of a coach, and that those same folks would dress up in costumes and make signs, you wouldn’t get anywhere. And that’s okay. They might come to it on their own, and even if they don’t, college football fans won’t notice. They’re too busy being themselves.