See How Long You Can Watch Will Ferrell Yell At Derek Jeter Before You Snap

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10.01.14 5 Comments

First the good news: Will Ferrell still occasionally contributes to his Funny or Die video network. Now the bad news: His latest video isn’t nearly as wonderful or adorable as The Landlord. In fact, it’s almost the complete opposite, as it’s equal parts creepy and obnoxious, almost as if Ferrell is begging us to scream profanities at our monitors with the hopes that he’ll hear us and suddenly stop chanting. What’s he being so annoying about? Derek Jeter. Anything in particular? No, he’s just chanting, “Der-ek Je-ter” over and over, before he finally snaps out of it and starts yelling other things. Not at Jeter, mind you. Just at the camera.

I made it to 2:07 before I started to get really irritated, and then 3:32 before I finally shouted, “SHUT THE F*CK UP!” at no one. My dog got upset and then left the room.

Will Ferrell Screams at Derek Jeter for Four Straight Minutes from Will Ferrell

It’s apparently an outtake of this video that Ferrell, Chris Rock and Kevin Hart made to say thanks to No. 2. Since I made the mistake of watching the four-minute video first, I’m trying to make sure everyone else does as well. Have a wonderful evening.

Will Ferrell, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart Say Goodbye to Derek Jeter from Funny Or Die

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