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There’s something to be said for losing in a dignified way, or at least being undignified in a totally awesome way. But I found Serena Williams’ berating of a courtside official Saturday to be neither of those. Neither did the people that ran the US Open, who fined Williams $10,000 for her outburst in that Kim Clijsters match and opened an investigation that could result in all of her winnings being lost.

“The average individual would look at that and say, ‘A $10,000 fine for what she did? What are you guys, crazy?’ The answer is: the process isn’t over,” tournament director Jim Curley said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Bill Babcock, the top administrator for Grand Slam tournaments, will review what happened Saturday night, when Williams yelled at a linesperson who called a foot fault with the defending champion two points away from losing to Kim Clijsters in the semifinals.

If Babcock determines Williams committed a “major offense,” the rules allow for a fine as high as all of a player’s prize money from the tournament — and a suspension, although Curley did not mention that as a possibility. via.

The word is that Willams turned her ire toward an official that called her for a foot fault and yelled:

“I swear to God I feel like taking this ball and shoving it down your fucking throat.” via.

No excuse can justify that. Serena should have been fined for threatening, whether she was playing in women’s singles or playing linebacker for the Jets. Just admit that you screwed up and move on, girl. Just because you let some white girl kick your ass doesn’t mean you have to take it out on the Asians.

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