Serena Williams Recreated Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ With Tennis Smacking In The Air

Serena Williams recreated Beyonce’s “7/11” music video, which is already adorable and hilarious, and she managed to make it more adorable with tennis choreography and an appearance from Chip, her Yorkshire Terrier puppy.

The video was filmed at the BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach, Florida for Vogue’s YouTube channel. While the video is played for laughs, it also shows a unique perspective on some of Serena’s power shots. It gives new meaning to the lyrics, “Smack it, smack it in the air.”

Also, who knew Serena Williams could dance that well? She has celebrated a victory dance or two after a match, but wow, she is fun to watch. Maybe she should start her own YouTube channel just for her doing Beyonce music video covers, maybe even team up with Venus and Spandy Andy for “Single Ladies.”

Source: YouTube