Serena Williams’ Night On Bald Mountain

Pro Wrestling Editor

Your first thought when looking at that picture should be, “Wow, how is it that muscular, 5-foot-9, 150-pound Serena Williams is a sports millionaire and still buys her clothes at the Baby Gap?” Then your eyes should sorta slowly rise to meet that weird patch on top of her head, and you ask, “Wait, does Serena Williams have a bald spot?”

That’s the issue of the day on The Young, Black and Fabulous. I can’t say I know a hell of a lot about African-American hairstyles, considering I’m a white guy who was born with hair like Linus from Peanuts, but the consensus of the comments section there is that either 1) it’s a bald spot on the lace front of her wig and that sports blogs and black culture sites only post the pictures to demean Serena, because what else could they do, or 2) an average person who is not a sports millionaire would not go out in public in a wig with a big hole in the front, especially not if they’re going out to a Celebrity Paparazzi Dinner with Kim Kardashian also-ran Brittny Gastineau.

What do you think? Is it evidence that killing your hair makes it die, or just Haters who are gonna hate?

Check out video of the weirdly-invasive paparazzi run-in after the jump.

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